SARTG-WW-RTTY Contest WF1B to Cabrillo conversion

WF1B contest software has no conversion to Cabrillo format for SARTG-WW contest but there are two ways to create a Cabrillo file:

- Use the conversion program made by Nils/SM6BSK: wf1b2cbr. Unzip the file in the same directory as the contest files. Click on the file to start the program and follow the instructions.


- Use the WF1B conversion program for CQ-WPX-contest. CQ-WPX and SARTG-WW contests use the same Cabrillo format. Proceed as follow:

1. Start the conversion program CABRILLO.EXE from DOS prompt. This program is included in WF1B v5.02. The Cabrillo converter in v5.00 does not work.

2. Fill in all information but select contest as CQ-WPX-RTTY.

3. Generate the Cabrillo file by CTRL-ENTER

4. The file will be generated and called yourcall.log

5. Open the file in a text editor, eg. Notepad.

6. Change the contest name from CQ-WPX-RTTY to SARTG-RTTY

7. Save and close the file.

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